Those In Between

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There’s nothing I remember more from growing up then spending time with my brothers.  This piece captures a rare quiet moment from a childhood with 4 boys running around.  Two brothers, the middle children, just sitting idle on a swing together.


Those In Between

This is a crop in on the subjects of the piece. Full canvas below.

Sticking to my typical process, this painting originated from a photo, in this case an old polaroid from my childhood.  Keep reading to see the process.

Original Polaroid

The original polaroid photo.

From there I created my sketch, refined it, transferred it to poster board, and started cutting.

Those in between cut

The cutting process

For this painting I also really wanted to try something different with the background, and had the idea of old retro wallpaper in my head.  How I was going to accomplish this I didn’t know until I actually did it.  When cutting the pattern was taking forever, I decided to just try cutting a few of them and spraying over and over again.  Keeping it aligned was difficult, and the paint kept puddling up on the stencil, but overall it came out as good as I could have hoped.

Pattern machine

My on the fly pattern machine

From there I just moved on to spraying the stencil.  This time I went with a background spray as well, which gives it a different feel from my previous stencils.  I like it, what about you?  Here’s a detail of one of the faces (me as a toddler) and then the finished piece again.

Face detail of the stencil

Face detail of the stencil


Those In Between

Full stenciled painting - 2x4 ft

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